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Expanding our Conversation by Elizabeth J. McGregor

Dear Friends,

We Are and always have been a community of learners who engage in thoughtful conversations and idea-sharing that is essential to all of us, adults as well as students.  As we embark on our next century of educating girls with a renewed commitment to active leadership in girls’ learning and development, I’ve decided now is an ideal time to launch a blog and extend our on-campus dialogue.  I’m inviting my colleagues to join me in building this important community forum throughout the year. 

One of my greatest joys as head of Westridge is the diverse array of conversations of which I am a part every day.  In just the past two weeks, for example, I think of the insightful discussions I have had with 6th grade students about the strife in the Middle East and how we need to learn from history and understand different perspectives;  the discussions at the 9th grade retreat related to why, as educated and informed young women, our girls have a responsibility to embrace leadership and service;  the fascinating conversation between the two renowned experts  leading the restoration of Pitcairn House that reinforced how important physical surroundings and a sense of place are to the educational process, to building community, and to maintaining the cultural and historic heritage of our corner of Pasadena;  and, an on-going discussion regarding the most impactful integration of technology in learning, and how technology can be used to enhance student-teacher interaction and deepen learning.  This last conversation was most recently centered around a post by John Chubb, President of the National Association of Independent Schools, entitled “Technology Myths,” which I recommend for all members of our community.

Our school is bursting with inspiring and thought-provoking stories, and with unique and engaging voices and conversations.  It is our goal this year to open additional communication channels so that those of you who aren’t on campus each day have a more in-depth view of the happenings and discourse taking place on Madeline Drive.

If you were able to join us for Convocation, you were a part of the beginning of our conversation about Westridge’s community values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Inclusion.  Our commitment to these values will be revisited throughout our year and in the years to come. If you weren’t able to join us for this traditional opening of school event, I encourage you to read my Convocation remarks that will provide context on this topic.

Whether you’re an old friend of Westridge, or just getting acquainted with us, we want to welcome you to join our conversations about how best to educate and empower girls.  I hope the posts on this blog will call you to revisit often, and to be an active participant in our learning community.

Surgere Tentamus!

Elizabeth J. McGregor
Head of School

Posted by We Are Westridge on Sunday October, 12, 2014 at 09:00PM


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