The 4-12 Experience

At Westridge, girls in grades 4 through 12 share the campus and participate together in all-school activities throughout the year.

As a three division school that spans grades 4 through 12, Westridge is in a unique position to provide its students with an education that focuses on their emotional and intellectual development as girls in various stages of their growth and maturity.

Through the continuum of its curriculum, which threads through the Lower, Middle, and Upper divisions, students are exposed to progressive academic settings that are both collaborative and independent, led by an innovative faculty team who employ both traditional styles and emerging methods of teaching and learning.

In an all girls’ school, students both admire and embody female role models. Since girls are relational learners, we foster a shared experience that allows for big and little sister dynamics and mentor and peer relationships to flourish.

Westridge has really given me a home — a place that defines me, where I can be confident and comfortable being myself.

— Elinor, Westridge Class of 2012

An independent, forward-thinking
day school for girls, grades 4–12

324 Madeline Drive
Pasadena, California 91105
Phone: 626-799-1153
Fax: 626-799-9236
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