At the end of their first semester, Ms. Wei's Mandarin Chinese classes (Middle School Chinese 7 & Chinese 8, and Upper School Chinese I) showcased their mastery of Chinese by writing and performing their own stories completely in Mandarin. "One of the most challenging skills for many students when learning a new language is speaking," said Ms. Wei. The goal of the assignment was to provide an immersive experience in the language through storytelling, with students becoming comfortable enough speaking continuously in Chinese for 2-3 minutes (or, in the case of students who partnered up, 4-6 minutes) to "spin a creative yarn" for the entire class!

During their presentation, some students used comic panel-style storyboards they had created to give their classmates a fun, visual interpretation of the scene, while other students acted out their stories - complete with props! The stories performed ranged from love triangles, to pizza roommates (that is, roommates that are pizzas) who loved to student, to stalker friends who murdered boyfriends and cats, and much, much more.

Above: Sophia L. '23 with her storyboard for "Lost in Translation!"
Above: Sherry F. '21 presents her story "The Studious Pizza."
Above: Emily H. '21 presents her story to the class.

Performing Original Stories in Mandarin Chinese

Above: Amelia H. '22 and Rachel K. '22 act out their story.

Above: Ellie L. '23 and Abigail L. '23 with their storyboard for "The New 'Friendship'".
Above: Katie S. '23 and Maris B. '23 after their presentation.
Above: Gracie S. '22 and Maya L.-S. '22 in the midst of their performance.

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