In Ms. Houser's math class on the 16th anniversary of September 11, 2001, Lower School students learned about the tragic events of 9/11 and the significance of the day in our country. They watched a BrainPOP video describing the events, which showed pictures of the "twin towers" from years ago and images of the new building, One World Trade Center.

Students were learning about arrays and multiplication concepts, so for this project, they each chose their favorite New York City skyscraper and drew silhouettes of the buildings. Then students arranged the windows of the buildings into arrays with the corresponding number sentences. The result? A beautiful New York City skyline hanging on the classroom wall, complete with the former twin towers and the new One World Trade Center - a tribute to the heroes, victims, and survivors of 9/11.

"We feel strongly in the Lower School that the integration of subjects is the best way to master concepts and internalize subject matter," said Ms. Houser. "When a math concept like arrays and factors are connected to something else that was learned in class (like 9/11), the learning becomes more powerful for students."

Can you spot the rainbow in the skyline?

Understanding Arrays Through a Special 9/11 Tribute Project


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