Financial Aid FAQs

When is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

For prospective families, the deadline to apply is February 1, 2020. For current Westridge families, the deadline to apply is January 6, 2020.

What if my tax information is not ready by the deadline?

The School understands that submitting tax information early in the new year can be challenging for some families. Our financial aid budget is limited, however, and those who meet the deadline have a distinct advantage. If the current year’s taxes are unavailable, you should estimate to the best of your ability and submit that estimate with tax information from the previous year. A conditional financial aid award will be offered, but will not be finalized until the current tax information is received and can be verified.

Should I apply for financial aid when I apply for admission?

Yes. The School highly encourages families who believe they may need financial assistance to apply at their child’s initial point of entry to the school. The allocation of financial aid is a thoughtful and strategic process that has budget implications across all grades in the school. In general, if a family does not apply for financial aid the year they apply for admission, unless there has been an unexpected and significant, documented change in their financial status from when they first applied, they will not be awarded financial assistance in future years.

Do I need to reapply for financial aid each year?

Returning families must re-apply for financial aid each year so the school may determine if there is continued need. As long as a family’s financial circumstances remain fairly consistent, all deadlines are met, and the student remains in good academic and behavioral standing each year, families can expect continuing assistance through their time at Westridge in generally the same percent of tuition as originally awarded.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions regarding financial aid or payment plan information, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact Kim Cota, Controller, at or 626.799.1053, ext. 259.

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