As part of the 7th grade Opening Days, students grappled with Westridge’s four core values. They started by coming up with a list of synonyms corresponding to core values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and INCLUSION.

After discussion and skits exploring the meaning and real world application of our values, students designed never-before-seen 3D metaphors for one of the values. Their materials were limited to cardboard and duct tape – a low-tech engagement with big ideas!

Once they defended their designs in small groups, their peers nominated a person to present to the entire class. Those students honored by their peers typed a short paragraph explaining their shelters, gleaning a deeper understanding of those values by attending to language, experimenting with metaphor, and engaging in the non-specific transfer of knowledge. By welcoming different ideas and new classmates into this big conversation, they realized that they were living the four core values themselves.



Written for the Examining Core Values Through 3D Metaphor Project

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