As part of the 7th grade Power of One project, where students select an “up stander” to showcase, Tiffany C. ’22 chose Heather Denison, a former Mrs. California Winner 2014, as her focus. Being in the pageantry world since the age of 13, Denison dealt with inner struggles to “be perfect” and developed anorexia at the age of 16. What Tiffany admired in Mrs. Denison was how she worked through her tendencies to “self-correct”, and in overcoming her challenges, is now an advocate for self-acceptance. Denison continued to stay in pageantry, but with a different perspective of “this is who I am” vs. trying to fit an ideal. She sees herself as an intersection between the beauty industry and the self-acceptance movement.

To represent what Denison’s journey and message meant to her, Tiffany created a mirror with a letter to her “self” on it. It contained affirmations such as “Love Yourself”, “Forgive Yourself,” and “Express Yourself.” If she (or anyone else) looked into the mirror and found that she was having a hard time believing those statements, the mirror opened liked a closet to reveal items used to practice self-acceptance. Some of the tools included stress relief balls, guided meditations, inspirational quotes, and books.

Tiffany’s practical take on this emotional topic was impressive – not an easy task, but certainly a relevant one in today’s competitive landscape of social media and constant comparison.










Self-Check-In and Self-Acceptance Mirror "Tool Box"

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