Middle School Music

Students may choose between participating in Middle School Orchestra or Middle School Choir. These music ensemble courses are designed to help students build invaluable listening and collaboration skills, and gain a fundamental understanding of the art forms through theory, technique, and performance.

Our Orchestra class provides a supportive environment for a wide range of experience levels; beginning students have the opportunity to learn and play a variety of string instruments, and advanced students may choose to continue with their string instrument or play another instrument, such as woodwinds, brass, percussion, or keyboard. All students participate in class discussions, rehearsals, and public performances.

In Choir, students learn to read choral scores and sing in two- and three-part harmony in various genres. The class provides students with a deeper understanding of vocal technique, phrasing and musical interpretation, and music analysis. Occasional leadership opportunities are available in both classes for students as section leaders or assistant conductors.

View our Catalogue of Courses and learn more about the Middle School Performing Arts curriculum here.

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