Westridge Alumnae Board

The Westridge Alumnae Board is the leadership group of the Westridge Alumnae Association and is focused on promoting the school's statement of purpose and strategic goals through its annual programs, special events, and fundraising efforts.

Alumnae Board members are invaluable to the Westridge community, providing leadership and demonstrating the rewards and responsibilities of being involved and contributing Westridge alumnae. By helping to create and coordinate numberous alumnae programs and activities, Westridge Alumnae Board members play an essential role in connecting alumnae to one another and to the school.

Board membership is designed to reflect the alumnae body as a whole and to respond to the changing needs and interests of both Westridge School and its alumnae.


Welcome Home, Westridge Alumnae

Letter from Alumnae Board Chair Emily Miller Karlekar '95

White uniforms. Surgere Tentamus. Eating lunch on the Quad. Westridgettes.

Welcome back to Westridge! My hope is that reading these memories makes you smile and think of a few more. It is the memories and shared experiences that bind us together, as they helped shape us into the students we were and the women we have become.

When I visit campus, I am awestruck at what happens here: the potential that lies inside each Westridge girl is infinite.I see rockets being designed, choreography being created, problems being solved, and girls being empowered. I invite each of you back to campus, to a Westridge sponsored event here or abroad, or even to the school’s website to reconnect with the magic that is happening here.

As Alumnae Board Chair, I can’t express deeply enough how much Westridge wants you to be a part of our community and for Westridge to be a part of your life today. Here’s how:

  • Connect:
    • Keep your contact information current by contacting Westridge with any changes
    • Submit class notes for Winter and Summer Surgere magazine
    • Attend various on and off campus events, locally and regionally
  • Empower:
    • Offer a job or internship to a current or graduating student or alumna
    • Mentor current seniors or alumnae via our networking site, Westridge Connect
    • Serve as a Class Rep and help maintain connections with your classmates
  • Give:
    • Annual Fund
    • Endowment Campaign
    • Forever Fund Endowment (supports scholarships)

We are a group of women diverse in race, class, geography, career, and family… and yet, we share a common history that asks us to “strive to rise.” We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Emily Miller Karlekar ‘95
Alumnae Board Chair


Emily Miller Karlekar ’95, Chair
Catherine Christian Schultz ’71, Vice-Chair
Dana Icaza Banta ’01
Liz Seitz DeRobertis ’94
Tara Friedlander Dunlap ’02
Karen Huante ’79
Jennifer Heintz Lulla ’95
Andrea V. Mills ’72
Shahbano Nawaz ’98
Monica Oller ’91
Lynne Tsuboi Saito ’63
Emily Ko Wang ’93
Teri Wilde ’69
Melissa Wu ’94
Olivia Neil ’19 (Senior Class President)
Micaela McElrath ’19 (Vice President)

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