7th Grade Takes on the Aqueduct Challenge
Posted 11/01/2017 11:04AM

The 7th Grade Service Learning class is a year-long class that focuses on environmental issues and human impact on our planet.

They just completed their section on water, in which they studied how and where we get our water, and why water is a limited resource; the study culminated in the first-ever "Aqueduct Challenge," where students had to move water from two buckets (one labeled "Lake," the other "Reservoir") into a designated planter using PVC pipe, pool noodles, dowels, and a water pump.

"This hands-on activity helps students use skills in design thinking (getting creative with the materials provided), engineering (working to connect pipes and noodles, and to stabilize the structure), and science (realizing the effects of gravity on aqueducts and water systems)," said Service Learning Coordinator Becca Marcus, who designed the challenge with STEAMWork Design Studio Coordinator David Prince. 

View the slideshow above and the video to the right for the result!

Students came away from the activity understanding that access to fresh and easily-supplied water is not something we should take for granted. "Hopefully," said Ms. Marcus, "we will all be more thankful for the several aqueducts that supply Los Angeles with water!"

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