Wellness & Balance in Art
Posted 09/29/2017 04:06PM

Mrs. Trimarchi's Lower School art classes took this year's theme of wellness and balance to the page with their latest assignment. All of her 4th, 5th, and 6th grade art students started with a photoshoot where they were instructed to strike of a pose representing whatever "health, wellness, and balance" meant to them. Although there were a lot of meditators in lotus flowers across the ages, there was a striking difference in the focus of girls in different grades. The 4th graders focused on the physical balance of bodies in motion, while the 6th graders honed in on the idea of the chaos of the world around them, and allowing that chaos to exist while finding a way to be at peace.

"This project opened up a lot of conversations for the choices we make in our lives that help us stay well and balanced," said Mrs. Trimarchi. "We talked about all the noise in their lives, the expectations of parents, teachers, and coaches, and how to find a sense of calm despite all that. The idea of self-love also came up, and how finding a place of love in your heart for yourself can help you handle negativity without allowing it to ruin your day."

The conversations surrounding health, wellness, and balance did not stop when the girls submitted their final art pieces. Mrs. Trimarchi and her classes continue to discuss the stresses of life and how to stay balanced and well in their warm up activities, and they always end class with a calming breathing exercise.

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