Mars Rover Visits 6th Grade
Posted 04/20/2017 01:17PM

Mars (Rover) Attacks!

A big thank you to Dr. Tom Starbird, who recently paid the 6th Grade a visit to talk about the Mars Rover. At the end of the visit, students got to "interact" with JPL's rover prototype, Curiosity.

Dr. Starbird is a retired Mars Exploration Rover team leader and tactical activity planner for JPL who still helps scientists and engineers program the Mars rovers in order to successfully accomplish their missions. He shares his expertise and what it was like to work on “Martian time.” 

Dr. Starbird does a wonderful job of putting the girls right into the scientist’s shoes and relating what they are going to be doing in robotics to the work of real engineers at JPL and NASA. Dr. Starbird had his work cut out for him this year, fielding lots of thoughtful questions from our inquisitive young scientists. 



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