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New Family Q&A: Alisa & Keenan
Posted 11/30/2018 01:56PM

We sat down with new fourth grader Keenan and her mom Alisa to talk about Westridge from the perspective of a new family. 

Why did you choose Westridge?

We had been waiting for four years to apply! We have two family friends who are alumnae and they recommended Westridge to us because they thought it would be a great fit for Keenan. My daughter is very creative and thinks out of the box, and the teaching style here is fun and really nurtures that.


Keenan Weighs in!

Favorite thing about Westridge: Tinker Lunch and art class because you get to create things. I’ve made two mandalas and I’m going to put them on the front of Christmas presents. (Editor’s note:  Tinker Lunch is a supervised time for free exploration in the STEAMWork Design Studio.)

Westridge surprise: I didn’t expect laser cutting and 3D printing. But I really liked it.

One word to describe Westridge: Fun!

What do you think is special about Westridge?

I’ve talked to seniors here, and I see how Westridge has molded these young women into confident, compassionate, people with integrity. I believe that Westridge will do that for my daughter too and enable her to go out and do great things in the world.


Is there a program or quality that you didn’t know about until you joined Westridge?

I don’t think I was clear that there is such a balance between academics and the social and emotional piece of cultivating the whole person. As a psychologist, that’s very important to me, and I really respect that the school wants to have a balance between the two. The human development class was an extra bonus for us, where they talk about both physical and emotional development.


How has Keenan changed since coming here?

It’s only been a few months, but I’ve seen her become more confident and free to be curious and explore the world.


How would you describe Kennan’s transition to Westridge?  

Socially, it was a breeze – Keenan loves all of her friends! I think it was a little challenging for her in the beginning because she wasn’t used to being responsible for things like changing classes. I think that was a little overwhelming in the beginning, but for the most part, it’s been quite easy.


How much homework is there?

Homework is not overwhelming. I think that every year it increases, but I appreciate that they ease the girls into that workload.


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