On Monday, Upper School Student Voices co-heads Danielle D. ’21 and Olivia Q. ’21 hosted a panel discussion with three emerging Los Angeles civic leaders about systemic racism and racial and gender equity from their personal and professional experiences. Featured on this panel were Tanya Pineda (an analyst with the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti), Zachia Nazarzai (associate director of neighborhood services for the Office of Mayor Garcetti), and Courtney A. Morgan-Greene (an immigration and nationality attorney currently serving on the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission).

Pineda, Nazarzai, and Morgan-Greene discussed the strides the city of Los Angeles is taking to advance racial and gender equity, including the mayor’s executive directive on gender equity, requiring all city departments to submit a Gender Equity Action Plan to uphold or work toward greater gender equity; the roles of cultural initiatives and departments like Los Angeles Recreation & Parks in increasing racial awareness and equity in the city; the importance of community and advocacy groups in making systemic change; and more. The speakers also dove into their own personal backgrounds, how they came to be in their professional positions today, and what continues to drive and inspire them as they do this work.

In response to an audience question on advice they would give young people on how they can make change, Morgan-Greene said, "Look for mentors and use your voice. The world is changing, and it is yours; understand the strength of your voice!"

Race in the City Panel