The Westridge Theatre department is introducing several programs this fall to give Upper School students more opportunities than ever before to participate in the theatre program. The department is now offering a guest speaker series with theatre professionals, a series of “hands-on” workshops taught by faculty members, and a virtual Fall Festival to showcase a wide variety of student theatrical talents from performance to costume design. Students can choose to attend a single event or participate in all the events, which are offered nearly every day after school.

The guest speaker series will give students access to more than 10 performing arts professionals ranging from directors and actors to scenic and costume designers, and even a slam poet! The workshops with faculty members provide weekly opportunities to explore the theatre arts, including performance-based skills such as improv and technical skills such as re-making their closets with costume teacher Io Hawk.

November’s Fall Festival will extend far beyond the reach of the traditional fall play, offering Upper School students not only performance opportunities but also the opportunity to showcase talents that are typically behind-the-scenes. Live virtual performances will take place on November 6 and 7, and a webpage spotlighting other storytelling talents, ranging from directing and animation to sound design and costume creation, will also be part of the Festival.

Theatre Fall Guest Speaker Series