The already valuable Student Tech Partners program, a program that pairs current and new students to help ease the transition to Westridge educational technology, became indispensable when the pandemic sent schools into remote learning, increasing tech demands and making it more important than ever for students to have avenues to connect with peers. In addition to meeting virtually with new students since June to serve as guides for student technology training, the Partners make sure that every new student has a friendly face to turn to when they have questions.

“Especially for new kids, and especially when we’ve never even met each other face-to-face, it can be intimidating to email a teacher for help. Hopefully, it’s a little easier if it’s a friend instead,” said Alice C. ’25. “I got an email from a student thanking me and saying that I was her ‘number one contact for any questions she has.’ It meant a lot, and I was so happy that I was able to make this one new student feel better.”

In addition to being a resource for individual students, Student Tech Partners facilitated new student introduction videos on a dedicated Padlet for new Westridge tigers to get to know each other and created video tutorials featured in the Remote Learning Readiness training that all students participated in over the summer. This year’s 34 Student Tech Partners in grades 6-10 were selected based on their exhibition of our core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, and inclusion.

Digital Literacy Coordinator Monica Sanchez, who created and runs the program, said “We are extremely grateful to each and every Student Tech Partner for taking on this huge responsibility and providing a personal touch to welcome new Westridge students to the family. They have truly risen to the challenge of being pioneers in the remote learning environment.”