The 7th graders finished off the year with the annual Soil Unit! This interdisciplinary, experiential unit had students tapping on many skills learned over the year to make meaningful connections between themselves and their world by engaging in self-expression, visiting local community gardens, and learning about the soil ecosystem to name a few. At the Arlington Garden, for example, the 7th graders focused on their observation skills on plants and insects—using DSLR cameras from the Upper School photography program, they tried out close-up photography (for example, check out the leaf pictured on the right!) to record their findings.

Back on campus earlier today, students completed a soil microscopy workshop with soil scientist Lynn Fang and heard from Pasadena Community Garden’s Lydia Breen about nitrogen fixation. The 7th graders even wrote lines from poems they created—inspired by their Soil Unit experiences—onto seed paper using ink derived from plants grown in the Westridge Permaculture and Sustainability Garden. (The paper and ink were both created by students in their art class!) Students then planted the paper in the garden as a way of giving back to the earth that inspired them—and quite literally being a part of the Permaculture Garden! Click here to to see photos from the unit. 

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