At this year’s annual Senior Recognition Ceremony, seniors were celebrated with Departmental Honors and for exceptional leadership in student organizations.


Art Department 

The art department recognized students for the exceptional development of their intellectual and creative skills, creating artwork that demonstrates integrity, courage, and perseverance.

Mackenzie B.

Elisa D.

Zaynab E.

Caroline L.

Jadyn L.

Jay H.-K.

Sarah W.


English Department 

The English department awards honors to students whose love of language and literature inspires themselves and others. The English faculty asked the senior class to decide who amongst their peers has inspired them and has enriched their experience in their English classes.

Isabel A.

Jamie G.

Elisabeth M.

Caroline P.


History Department 

These students were recognized by the history department for going above and beyond in their understanding of the complexities of history and demonstrating superior writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Isabel A.

Elisa D.

Ava H.

Solaar K.

Keira M.

Sophia R.

Juliane Z.


Mathematics Department 

These students were recognized by the mathematics department for their perseverance and the determination to tackle difficult and unfamiliar problems and in applying mathematical concepts to real-life situations.

Althea L.

Reese O.,

Jaya S.,

Leah S.,

Amanda T.


Modern and Classical Languages Department 

These students were honored for their dedication to communication, drive for perfecting language skills, and their interest in the development of a culture’s language and history.

Vivian L. – Latin

Reese O. – Latin

Amanda T. – Mandarin

Christine B. – Spanish

Julia C. – Spanish

Jaya S. – Spanish

Sydney F. – special award for four years of dual language in both Latin and Spanish.


Science Department 

The science department recognized students for excellence in the life and physical sciences and their pursuit throughout their time in Upper School, as well as their pursuit of mastery over the sciences through independent science projects.

Elisa D.

Kathleen H.

Reese O.

Abbey P. P.

Jaya S.

Leah S.

Abigail Y.



The Joan Taufenbach Haskell '47 Contribution to Athletics Award is given to a senior who has competed at the varsity level since her freshman year. The award recognizes service, participation, and dedication to Westridge School’s athletics program. The Tiger Award of Excellence is given to a senior whose been a varsity team member throughout her tenure at Westridge and has achieved a very high level of success in her sport as well as displaying great dedication, leadership, and sportsmanship.

N'Dea P.-G. – Academic Athlete Award

Isabella G. – Athletic Award of Excellence

Amanda T. – Joan Taufenbach Haskell '47 Contribution to Athletics Award

Julia V. – Joan Taufenbach Haskell '47 Contribution to Athletics Award


Dance Department 

The dance department honored these students for their excellence in technique, style, choreography, unique interpretations, and showmanship.

Rosalie L.

Vivian L.


Music Department 

These students received music honors for their musical excellence, outstanding leadership, and a dedication to music beyond the Westridge community.

Isabella G. – Orchestra

Gabriella L. – Orchestra

Reese O. – Choral

Abigail Y. – Orchestra


Theatre Department 

The Class of 2020 has several students who have made distinguished contributions to the theatre department both on and off stage. Through their hard work, creativity, and passion, these students have inspired their fellow students, faculty, and the entire Westridge community.

Grace B. – Excellence in Leadership

Jamie G. – Outstanding Achievement in Acting

Jenna H. – Outstanding Achievement in Acting

Althea L. – Outstanding All-Around Performer

Elisabeth M. – Outstanding All-Around Theatre Artist

Anelise P. – Excellence in Leadership

Caroline P. – Outstanding All-Around Theatre Artist



This year’s Peer-to-Peer seniors are recognized for three years of selfless service, personal growth, compassion, and inspiration.

Nicole A.

Julia C.

Solaar K.

Jasmin P.

Anelise P.

Emma R.

Zora S.


Service & CAP

These students were recognized for their exemplary service and community engagement. They had creative projects rooted in research and experiences that went above and beyond the graduation requirement.

Isabella G.

Gabriella L.

Jay H.-K.

Reese O.

Jaya S.

Abigail Y.

Juliane Z.


Spyglass Senior Recognition

These senior staff members of Spyglass have made significant artistic contributions to the newspaper’s success.

Isabel A.

Elisa D.

Zaynab E.

Jadyn L.

Caroline P.

Emily S.


Associated Student Body

These student leaders exhibited creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, and adaptability to plan activities for the entire student body, both on and off campus.

Sophie C. – President

Julia C. – Vice President

Zaynab E. – Greek Head

Monika L. – Green Chair

Althea L. – Roman Head

Krystal R. – Athletics Chair

Audrey Y. – Treasurer


Student Life Chair

Solaar K.


Student Voices Head

Caroline P.


Class Presidents

Nicole A. – 12th Grade

Julia S. – 11th Grade

Charisma C. – 10th Grade

Maeve V. – 9th Grade