Earlier today, the Upper School students in the advanced Peer-to-Peer class led an assembly for Lower School students about boundaries as part of the annual "Be Kind to Your Mind" week, a week dedicated to mental health awareness. The Upper Schoolers shared "the importance of setting personal boundaries and respecting others' boundaries as an important skill in honoring our own mental wellbeing," according to Upper School Learning Support Specialist Tami Millard.

As an activity to get Lower School students thinking about boundaries, students were asked to stand by "yes," "sometimes," or "no" signs based on prompts such as "I like a lot of alone time," "I like hugs from my friends," and "I like to pet animals/pets."

"This was a lovely opportunity for Upper School students to engage with younger students and practice establishing boundaries, and to know that it is alright to let people know where your lines are drawn," said Lower & Middle School Director Dr. Zanita Kelly. "This is a low stakes way to practice how to do that. Every young woman needs to have this skill mastered."