On Friday, our Upper School Student Voices leadership group led our annual Martin Luther King Jr. assembly, entitled “Voices of Change.” This year, their theme is “Make Some Noise,” and in the spirit of Student Voices’ commitment to highlighting a community of diverse voices and ideas on campus, they introduced a timeline of prominent speeches from both Dr. King and activists influenced by him, including:

  • Dr. King’s “The Other America” (1967)
  • Angela Davis’s “Oppression & Repression in the U.S.” (1972)
  • Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address
  • Ayanna Pressley’s speech at “March on Washington” (2020)
  • Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” (2021)

“Talk with your friends or family about the social justice conversations you view, listen to, or partake in," said Student Voices Co-Heads Keaton L. '24 and Maya L. '23. "What do they mean? Who do they include? Who do they exclude? Think about how every activist from today’s timeline used their voice to continue the legacy of Dr. King.”

Westridge Student Voices member introduces Angela Davis's speech "Oppression & Repression."