After introducing their first-ever club last year (the Earth Club), Lower School students launched seven clubs this week:

  • Baking Club – Izzie B., Club Leader
  • Black Lives Matter at Westridge – Mihret K., Club Leader
  • Da YouTubers – Alice L. and Irene Z., Club Leaders
  • Photo Life Club – Makayla J., Club Leader
  • Harry Potter Club – Willow S., Club Leader
  • Dancing Tigers – Abigail L., Club Leader
  • Sports Mania – Hildy U., Shania W., and Brynn C., Club Leaders

Sixth grade students were invited to suggest and lead the clubs, which are open to all Lower School students. The clubs will meet on the first Westridge Wednesday of the month and 50 percent of Lower School students have already signed up to participate. According Lower & Middle School Dean of Student Activities Farrell Heydorff, who is the faculty advisor for the clubs, this new addition to Westridge student life stemmed from the girls. “This was actually a suggestion brought up by SALC and then the administration worked with the Homeroom Teachers to make it a reality,” said Heydorff. (We love that!) 

Above: Baking Club

Above: Black Lives Matter at Westridge

Above: Dancing Tigers Club