Lower School art students have been hard at work with Ms. Trimarchi ("Ms. T") exploring various styles of art this school year. 

Above: the work of Sofie H. '29

For 4th grade, the second quarter was all about animals! Click here to explore a gallery of their furry and feathered creations. In this slideshow you'll see the progression as class moved from charcoal to color pastel drawings, then on to abstract animals with color pastel on black paper in the style of calabash gourd art from Chad, Africa. After that, students studied the work of Henri Rousseau and were inspired by his jungle art to create magazine and construction paper collages that include hidden animals. They also carried this nature theme into a project inspired by the peaceful work of Andrew Goldsworthy, creating outdoor nature installations with leaves and rocks.

In 5th grade, students continued their study of various media by venturing into clay sculpture, and they created their own air-dry clay vessels (in addition to other sculptures of their choice). In addition, they learned about perspective by drawing a hallway from a single point of perspective to give a viewer an impression of the height, width, depth, and position. Click here to view more of their work! 

Above: Kylie H. '28 - one-point perspective hallway


Both 5th and 6th graders completed their own versions of nature installations, which required them to use objects found in nature to create a sculpture. Sixth graders also dove into figure and face drawings, using what they learned about perspective and shapes last year to create their own interpretations on paper of people around them or of references they chose. Click here to view more 6th grade art from second quarter!

Above: Irene Z. '27 - nature installation