Earlier this semester, Upper School Latin Teachers Dr. Pintabone and Dr. Malspeis accompanied twenty Upper School Latin students as they attended the Southern California Regional Amici Madness (SCRAM) Latin convention at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. Students participated in a variety of events—academic testing, Certamen (a team competition in which contestants answer questions about classical history, culture, and mythology, and the Latin language), athletic games, musical competitions, edible mosaics, mythology spelling bee, and other fun activities like Roman Rant (rap battle).They won several awards and, more importantly, had a great time! Check out the list of awards the won below:

Vocabulary (Intermediate)

  • 2nd Place - Jordan B. '25

PMQA (Phrases, Mottos, Quotes, Abbrevs) (Intermediate)

  • 2nd Place - Lauren L. '25
  • 3rd Place - Emma H. '25

Classical Competition

  • 1st Place - Yuek On (Lillian) L. '25 
  • 3rd Place - Mia N. '24

Derivatives (Advanced)

  • 2nd Place - Sofie W. '24
  • 5th Place - Mia N. '24

Mythology (Advanced)

  • 2nd Place - Sabina P. '24
  • 5th Place - Sofie W. '24

Roman Civilization (Advanced)

  • 5th Place - Sabina P. '24

Vocal Competition

  • 3rd Place - Arden R. '25

Dramatic Interpretation (Novice)

  • 1st Place - Ruth T. '26

Sketch Art

  • 1st Place - Ruth T. '26