Welcome…to Westridge Greek and Roman Initiation! On Friday, the dinosaur-themed ceremony—led by Greek ASB Head Sunday L. '23 and Roman ASB Head Athena N. '23—was held on Herrick Quad, where new students, faculty, and staff learned their Greek or Roman designation and were "initiated" by running through blue (Greek) or yellow (Roman) streamers and receiving a certificate and treats from ASB leaders. Roars erupted from the Greek and Roman sides as new members joined their respective pack. At the end, our very own Head of School Ms. Kassar was deemed a Roman!

Following the initiation, a handful of members were selected from each group to play a friendly game of Hungry Hungry Hippos—dino-style! While the Romans emerged victorious this time, only time will tell who will come out on top as teams compete in various games and activities until June.

The Greek and Roman tradition started in 1919, when the school's Athletic Association was formed. In the spirit of friendly rivalry, the school began the custom of dividing its student body into two clubs—Greeks and Romans. Along the way, the colors yellow and blue were attached to the teams (which, when combined, form the color green: Westridge's school color!).

Click here to see more photos, and here to see a video of the ceremony on the Westridge Instagram!