For their final project of the fall semester, our 8th grade artists were asked to identify something in the world that is in need of repair and use their art to fix it. In written reflections that accompanied their artwork, each student explained their personal process for finding an issue drawn from their own experiences or the world around them, conceptualizing an artistic fix, and the materials and processes they utilized to create their final products.

Students chose to tackle a wide range of issues, from unrealistic beauty standards and forest fires to overfishing and cyberbullying. Some students looked at waste and plastic pollution like Reed D., who created a human-sized “ghost of plastic past” repurposing plastic waste that will never biodegrade to bring awareness to the dire need for action around plastic use and pollution. Several students chose to address the emotional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Sophie C. who created a clear plastic suit to allow for safe hugs as an antidote to the physical isolation of social distancing. Click here to see photos of their projects.

Above: Reed D. '25's "Trashionista: The Ghost of Plastic Past"