On Wednesday morning, students in Mx. Brownsmith's 6th grade math class were busy measuring, cutting, and gluing together cardboard houses for an engineering project. The students are working in mini "consulting" groups to design and build a prototype of a house for a specific location in Mexico.

"This project brings together our students' passion for sustainable engineering and exploring other cultures through the lens of a house," Mx. Brownsmith shared.

The project takes an interdisciplinary approach, allowing the 6th graders to flex math, science, English, history, and Spanish skills. The houses will be decorated, insulated, and electrified with their own energy source and circuitry designed by students! Sienna W., Roen S., and Sofia R. '28 were planning to design a house with a long foyer, a sliding screen door, a fountain, and more. As they were putting their house together, the students said measuring and cutting out the windows was challenging—but they were excited to work on the project.

Stay tuned for more updates and a virtual Eco Home Tour later this month.


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