On Sunday, September 18, families gathered at the Westridge Community Picnic for the first time since 2019. With almost 700 people in attendance, families were able to reconnect on campus and give a warm community welcome to Ms. Andrea Kassar. 

For those who attended the picnic for the first time on Sunday, it was easy to see why this event is a beloved Westridge tradition. Activities ran the gamut, from younger students at the waterslides, craft tables, and bubble pools, to alumnae reminiscing and older students drinking boba and teaming up on the volleyball courts. 

“My favorite part of the picnic was watching our Upper Schoolers—who somehow carved time out of their jam-packed schedules to staff the face painting booth—laughing and chatting with our younger students as they painted their faces,” said WPA President-elect Allison Dietrick. “It was a snapshot in time that illustrated perfectly what a special student community we have here at Westridge.”

Click here for photos from the picnic! Special thanks to the dining and facilities staff, parent volunteers, and Upper School student volunteers who worked hard to make this wonderful day happen.


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