On International Women's Day, celebrated on Tuesday, 6th grade students in the Lower School Council program worked in groups to think deeply about collaboration, leadership, and what it means to an effective member of a high performing team with Lower and Middle School Director Dr. Zanita Kelly. The students watched a video about good and bad teamwork, then went through scenarios to identify where things went wrong in a team dynamic and provide solutions. Dr. Kelly discussed with students how sheer intelligence doesn't always equate to success—emotional intelligence, or EQ, is equally as important, effective, and impactful.

Council is a social and emotional learning program for grades 4-6 led by Dr. Kelly that provides students a foundation for healthy and positive relationships, improves learning, and assists in their ability to succeed in school and in life. Throughout the year, topics vary based on students’ needs and current events in the community and the world.

“Current research in mental health and wellness recommend that schools incorporate instruction that explicitly fosters the development of emotional intelligence,” said Dr. Kelly. "Providing direct instruction in impulse control, self-regulation, and mindfulness is an effective and proactive strategy to promote psychologically safe environments, where students take risks, increase confidence, and masterfully navigate the social and emotional landscape.”


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