6th grade students have once again created their annual World Women of Character and Courage Wax Museum, bringing to life the stories of dozens of inspirational women who were or are trendsetters and innovators in a variety of fields. Each member of the Class of 2026 portrayed a different woman they felt made a significant contribution to her community– from Toni Morrison and Gloria Steinem to Elizabeth Blackwell and Nelly Bly. This year has been a milestone in the history of this event, in that it all took place online, as part of the remote learning program created for Westridge students in response to COVID-19. The students were able to maintain the heart and soul of this event, researching their chosen woman of character, designing their own sets and costumes, preparing monologues, and video recording themselves.

Click here to see their website (huge shout out to Director of Technology Sally Miller for creating the site)!