A few 4th graders led their peers in a rousing couple rounds of singing as they used glued tissue paper to laptop stands, which they built on their own as part of an engineering project.

Students had access to a prototype stand they could take apart and put back together. Each student was given a bag of all the pieces, and they had to write up instructions to build the stands.

"They are going through the iterative process of writing these instructions, then assembling their laptop stand according to their own instructions," said Digital Literacy Coordinator Monica Sanchez, who is also the 4th grade computer science teacher. She partnered with Karen Hanselman in the physical education department at Westridge for the project.

The students later simplified the instructions to look more like commands in code, which Ms. Sanchez said was "good practice before they dive into robotics and coding." They also flexed their creative skills as they wrote things they were thankful for on leaves, which were decoupaged onto the laptop stands.

See photos of the process here.