To the Westridge community: We are profoundly sorry for the hurt we caused members of the Black community with our message about the George Floyd protests. We recognize that we caused further pain with the language we chose and our lack of concrete action steps to combat institutionalized racism both outside and inside our community. We see your posts, comments, and emails, and we hear you; we have growing to do, and this is a reminder that there’s always opportunity to learn. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to any Black alumna, student, parent, or employee who did/does not feel valued and loved at our school – this is not who we want to be.

We are thankful for the comments that were shared with us, and the bravery it took to hold us accountable. We acknowledge that it is not the responsibility of the Black community to educate us on our failings. We also acknowledge that your voice is important to this work. If you are willing, we would like to invite you to continue this conversation. As a first step, we have created a form (click here to view it), where we welcome your feedback, stories, ideas, and comments to help us further explore how we can improve. We are organizing community gatherings for Black members of the Westridge community to talk about their experiences at our school with our administration, the details of which will be announced next week.

We do not take any of this lightly. Black Lives Matter. We are committed to institutional change and thank you for holding us accountable. This is not the end of the conversation.


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