Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program empowers girls to take risks.

From the ceramics studio to the photography dark room, we know that with every new material and big idea comes another exciting opportunity for students to experiment and bring their vision to life. Visual arts at Westridge is hands-on and interdisciplinary, teaching students to look for the connections between art and the world around them.

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Our Program

Visual Arts Courses


Visual Art Courses

  • 3D Design I & II
  • 7th Grade Visual Arts
  • 8th Grade Visual Arts
  • Art Studio & Seminar Intensive I & II
  • Ceramics I
  • Clay Design & Engineering I & II
  • Clay Sculpture
  • Journeys in Film
  • Lower School Art
  • Painting & Drawing I & II
  • Photography I & II
  • Time-Based Art

Art Studios & Galleries

Our studio spaces include the Ceramics Studio, the STEAMWork Design Studio, the Painting Studio, the 3D Design Studio, the Photography Lab, and the Lower School art studio. All our studios are thoughtfully designed to host hands-on, creative demonstrations and group discussion, and are also home to state-of-the-art technology including 3D printers and modeling software, laser cutters, traditional darkroom equipment, and more.

We also have a number of art galleries and exhibition spaces on our campus, including the Sigrid Burton '69 Gallery, Massar Exhibition Space, and the Burgess Exhibition Gallery, all of which feature student art throughout the school year and are home to the spring art showcases.