Upcoming Shows & Tickets

Upcoming Shows & Tickets

The Continuum Tales

by Jason Pizzarello
Directed by Brandon Kruhm, Meztli M. ’21, Claire S. ’22
Amphitheater, Fran Norris Scoble Performing Arts Center

Thursday, November 4, 7 pm
Friday, November 5, 7 pm*
Saturday, November 6, 7 pm*

*Online streams available on this date

In the spirit of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, this genre-bending collection of seven short plays explores weird, futuristic, and haunting worlds eerily similar to our own. Filled with strange and humorous tales of technology gone wrong, nightmares of the mind, and what happens when we let our fears get the best of us, this modern sci-fi collection is sure to entertain.

Tickets for In-Person Performances

Limited seating is available in the amphitheater, please limit in-person attendance to one performance. All attendees will need to submit a COVID-19 screening questionnaire the day of attendance and remain fully masked (the questionnaire will be emailed after your ticket is reserved and it will be available at the door).

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Tickets for the Livestream*

The stream is a single-camera live view of the performance as it happens in the amphitheater. The actors will not be wearing microphones and will be wearing masks. Transcripts can be made available upon request. You will need to create an account to make a reservation.

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