Our dance program has something for everyone.

With equal opportunities for beginning and experienced dancers, the Westridge dance program is both flexible and student-centered; with the support of seasoned instructors, students build upon their technical skills at all levels and practice a wide range of dance styles, including modern, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.

In Middle School, dance is incorporated into the physical education curriculum, exposing all students to the art form while promoting motor skill development and cardiovascular fitness.

In Upper School, students who are new to dance are introduced to a variety of styles (with an emphasis on modern dance) in Dance I, discovering movement through basic anatomy and kinesiology, history, improvisation, and even site-specific performance. Students with more experience have the option to take Dance II (in which students learn ballet, modern, and jazz technique) or Dance III (an audition-based class that focuses on preparing students for the collegiate level, with opportunities for original choreography and a culminating showcase).

The final Dance Concert takes place annually in the spring and presents a variety of solo and group performances from all dance classes.

Upper School dancer

"Dance builds self-esteem. It asks girls to have courage. It teaches girls discipline and self-expression. And it gives girls acceptance of themselves."

 —Kashmir Blake
Middle & Upper School Dance Instructor