Welcome to Westridge Admissions!

We believe in the power of girls and girls’ education. See why Westridge is the place for you.

Girls CAN.

Westridge girls can let their true selves shine. Our community celebrates individuality and student voices, creating an environment where girls can try anything, discover their passions, and explore a variety of disciplines without fear.

Girls DO.

Girls Do

Westridge girls get involved both in their own learning and in the world around them. Girls are at the center of all the doing on campus in a program specifically designed to support their academic success and personal growth, and we teach them to look outward to discover how they can make a difference in their community off-campus.

Girls WILL.

Westridge girls will change the world (and they already are!). We help girls develop the habits of mind and heart they need to lead lives of true impact.

It’s not about the absence of boys. 

It’s about the full presence of girls.

Isabel A. '20

Not only does Westridge challenge girls academically, but it really prepares everyone for success in high school and beyond—to be curious, confident, engaged, and helpful members of their community.

—Isabel A. '20

We are passionate about being an all-girls’ school because we know that spaces like ours are rare—where girls occupy every role, where everything is thoughtfully designed around girls and how they learn best.

Simply put, we get girls. And that makes all the difference in the world.