Advanced Courses

As a forward-thinking school committed to academic excellence and preparing our students to lead lives of impact, we take seriously our responsibility to continually assess our program.

After many years engaged in research and discussion with educational leaders and college admission professionals, culminating in the work of the Westridge Strategic Plan 2020-2025, Westridge is moving away from the College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) program.

It will be replaced with Advanced Courses designed to make rigor come alive in ways that promote deeper learning and the critical thinking skills and habits of mind that colleges and employers are looking for today and for the future.

We are developing advanced courses that:
  • introduce more meaningful rigor by shifting from the memorization of facts to the application of knowledge—knowing how to think about and synthesize information to solve problems and produce original analyses
  • are more inquiry-based and demand sophisticated, independent thinking
  • prepare our students for the world today and in the future by emphasizing learning and skills that colleges and workplaces report valuing
  • provide flexibility for in-depth discussions to flourish and course content and projects to be responsive to student interest and real-world events, both central to deep learning and information retention
  • offer more diverse perspectives and content
  • allow for significantly more personalized teaching and learning
  • move beyond the solo endeavor of AP studies to more collaborative learning, which research shows improves learning outcomes
  • integrate more student research projects and interdisciplinary studies
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Recent News on Advanced Courses

Our Three-Year Transition Beyond APs

We have introduced the first new Advanced Courses this school year, and will continue to phase in additional courses over the next three years until fall of 2025, when we will have shifted to Advanced Courses exclusively.  

The following four new advanced courses have been introduced for the 2022-2023 school year:

  • Crisis and Courage in Global History (replacing AP European History)
  • Identity, Borders, and Revolutions: Advanced Cultural Studies in Spanish (replacing AP Spanish)
  • Latin IV Vergil: From the Underworld to Olympus (replacing AP Latin)
  • Full Stack Web Development (a new course)   
Timeline of advanced courses phase-in

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