The Girls' School Advantage

At Westridge, girls are always first.

At Westridge, girls fill every role. She is the star of her sports team, the lead role in a theatrical production, the student body president. We are  a culture that values academic progress, leadership, and individual discovery. She is  the student who dares to ask the question, who starts a new initiative, who takes an uncomfortable chance. We are  the group of peers, faculty and staff who encourage, support, and celebrate her. 

Our school was founded 100 years ago on the premise that girls are best educated in their own setting. Our world has changed dramatically since 1913, but the fundamental belief that girls deserve a place to fully express themselves and discover a joy for learning is truer today than ever.

Our philosophy is also well researched and supported in the larger academic sphere. According to a 2009 research report published by Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, “female graduates of single-sex high schools demonstrate stronger academic orientations than their coeducational counterparts across a number of different categories, including higher levels of academic engagement, SAT scores, and confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills.”

At Westridge, girls learn who they are, what they value, and what they have to offer others.

Though we have made much progress, stereotypes about women and their limitations still persist in our society. At Westridge, girls have freedom and encouragement to try, test, accomplish, and excel. 

 Westridge creates a space for girls to discover themselves so they’re confident in any social, academic, and athletic situation. A single-sex education is not meant to sequester students from the opposite sex. Lives of Westridge girls are not void of coed interaction. Instead, they’re filled with academics, sports, arts, leadership roles, community service, and yes, plenty of extracurricular fun too.

 We are  here to empower her. She is poised to take on the world.

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At Westridge, the foremost pursuit is to teach students how to think as conscious and critical citizens. I am driven by the analytical thinking, ethical concern and social engagement Westridge instilled in me and am confident that I was named a Rhodes Scholar because of my time at Westridge—and for that I am eternally grateful.

  Carrie Ryan '08,
2012 Rhodes Scholar

Women who attended single-sex schools tended to outscore their coeducational counterparts on the SAT. Mean SAT composite scores (Verbal plus Math) are 43 points higher for single-sex graduates within the independent school sector (source: NCGS).



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