Tuition/Financial Aid




Grades 4-6

$26,970 $770

Grades 7-8

$29,840 $920

Grades 9-12

$34,900 $1,020


* Fees cover educational expenses such as classroom, laboratory, and art supplies, PE and athletic uniforms, yearbooks, and other student publications, commencement exercises, and all field trips except Interim and Discover Week. Exceptions include some Upper School books, uniforms, and lunches sold at school.

View the Tuition Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional Costs & Payment Plan

  • Enrollment Deposit
  • New Student Fee
  • Books & Uniforms
  • After School Program
  • Payment Plans

Financial Aid Information   

Westridge School supports a strong, diverse student body that values both socioeconomic and cultural diversity. Approximately one-third of current students receive some financial assistance to attend.

All assistance is need-based, and documentation is required annually.

Families receiving financial assistance can expect to continue receiving aid throughout their enrollment at Westridge unless financial circumstances improve. Changes should be documented in the annual application process.

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