Westridge Alumnae Board

Westridge Alumnae Board members pictured (front row from left) include: Andrea Mills, Kay Swan, Catherine Christian Schultz, Karen Huante, Senior Class President Vivienne Li, with Director of Theater Laurie Riffe, Kristan Browne, Board Chair Emily Ko Wang, Lynn Tsuboi Saito, Dana Icaza Banta, and Katherine Starros. Back row: Susan James, with Head of School Elizabeth McGregor, and Tara Friedlander. Not pictured: Liz Seitz DeRobertis, Emily Miller Karlekar, Jennifer Heintz Lulla, Michele Shibuya, Rebecca Synott, Dhari Balvin Thein, and Michelle Tyson.

The Westridge Alumnae Board is the leadership group of the Westridge Alumnae Association and is focused on promoting the school's statement of purpose and strategic goals through its annual programs, special events, and fundraising efforts.

Alumnae Board members are invaluable to the Westridge community, providing leadership and demonstrating the rewards and responsibilities of being involved and contributing Westridge alumnae. By helping to create and coordinate numberous alumnae programs and activities, Westridge Alumnae Board members play an essential role in connecting alumnae to one another and to the school.

Board membership is designed to reflect the alumnae body as a whole and to respond to the changing needs and interests of both Westridge School and its alumnae.


Welcome Home, Westridge Alumnae

Letter from Alumnae Board Chair,
Emily Ko Wang '93

Welcome to a new year at Westridge! 

Whether it has been one year since your last Convocation in white uniform or 70, we welcome you to the Westridge alumnae community.

The Westridge Alumnae experience is uniquely different from the student experience because you now share in a community of remarkable women from many generations. Westridge alumnae are women whose memories of school life vary widely, who remember the support of many diverse and influential teachers, who walked an ever evolving campus, who saw breakthroughs in technology and society while witnessing different historic world events, and who have lived lives of impact throughout the many eras of the last century. We are a rich network of individuals brought together by our Westridge history with much to share with one another.

With your help, the launch of our Westridge Alumnae Network last year was a success.  Westridge students and graduates received summer internships, secured jobs, and made professional connections through our growing Network. To better support our growth, this year we are moving our database onto a professional networking platform with services to maintain and expedite our connections. We hope you will join our Network and utilize this service for our alumnae community’s benefit.

Throughout the year we will bring your attention to special events featuring the work of our alumnae and invite you to join us in celebrating their accomplishments. Twice a year you will receive a printed edition of Surgere featuring news and greetings from your classmates and alumnae from all generations. Regional alumnae gatherings keep those of you far from Pasadena near, and Alumnae Weekend welcomes everyone back to our beautiful campus. From Book Club to Homecoming to the Young Alumnae Circle, we offer a wealth of opportunities for you to engage with other Westridge women again. Please mark your calendars and join us!

Not long ago we celebrated Westridge’s past at our Centennial. The greatest gift all alumnae can give is to ensure that the girls of today and tomorrow will continue to access the rich and meaningful opportunities for learning, discovery, and growth that we enjoyed at Westridge for the next 100 years. Your gifts to the Annual Fund will light the way for generations of Westridge students and alumnae to come.

Emily Ko Wang '93
Alumnae Board Chair



Emily Ko Wang '93, Chair

Dana Icaza Banta '01
Kristan Browne '86
Liz Seitz DeRobertis '94
Tara Friedlander '02
Karen Huante '79
Susan James '63
Emily Miller Karlekar '95
Vivienne Li ’17 (Senior Class President)
Jennifer Heintz Lulla '95
Andrea V. Mills '72
Lynne Tsuboi Saito '63
Catherine Christian Schultz '71
Michele Shibuya '86
Karina Sloan '16
Katherine Starros '03
Kay Swan '48
Rebecca Synott '06
Dhari Balvin Thein '86
Michelle Tyson '86



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